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Introducing Paid Surveys Kenya, A New Way To Make Money Online in Kenya

Making money online is not always easy. With so many scams out there, it’s hard to know what’s legitimate and what isn’t. This has forced most Kenyans to turn to other means of making money online in Kenya, such as gambling. But this method of making money online doesn’t always work. The other way Kenyans have been trying to make money online is by taking paid surveys on international platforms. These platforms have millions of respondents and very few customers so they pay very little for all the effort you put in to complete surveys. Some pay as little as 1 shilling per survey. This is a survey that took you 10 minutes to complete so it turns out to be a waste of time.

Today, we the Simba Survey team, would like to introduce you to Paid Surveys Kenya, our respondents platform where we help you earn good money for taking free surveys run by our clients and partners. So what is Paid Surveys Kenya? It’s a platform that’s owned and run by Simba Survey, a Kenyan company that builds survey technology for some of the biggest companies in Africa. The platform, which users access through an Android mobile app, is designed to help users do the following tasks:

  • Complete their profile with details including their date of birth, location, interests, etc. These help us pick respondents that match the criteria for our customers’ surveys.
  • Add their mobile number so that when they withdraw money, the money is sent direct to their MPESA account.
  • Take free surveys that pay either cash or draw entries. Cash reward surveys pay a minimum of 50 shillings per survey. Draw entry surveys earn you entries into a weekly draw where users stand the chance to win cash prizes of up to 25,000 shillings.
  • Get a unique referral code that you can share with your friends. When you invite your friends to the platform you will automatically earn a referral fee of 50 shillings per referral. Sharing this code via social media and other channels can help you make a substantial amount of money.

The Paid Surveys Kenya platform is designed to help you make as much money as you want. This depends on how much time and effort you commit to the platform in taking surveys and inviting others to the platform. The best thing about the platform is that using it is absolutely free! Aside from a small processing fee you pay when signing up, there’s nothing else you will need to pay.

How does Paid Surveys Kenya make money to pay respondents?

That’s a question we’ve been asked by many users. Others ask whether we are a pyramid scheme. We aren’t. As mentioned, the platform is run by Simba Survey, a technology company that runs a survey platform used by universities, government agencies, NGOs and so on to reach respondents all across Kenya. When this customers pay, we share that money with the respondents who participate in that particular survey. This way, we can pay every person who takes a survey on our platform without sourcing for money elsewhere. In some cases, when the survey sample (number of respondents) is very large (over 1000), we award draw entries instead so that one lucky respondent will win a good sum of cash. By offering these two types of surveys, every person who takes paid surveys in Kenya on our platform has a chance to make money online in Kenya.

Having said this we’d like to inve you to sign up to Paid Surveys Kenya and start taking free surveys and earning money. Remember, the more surveys you take and the more people you invite to the platform the more money you make!

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